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S-12 Demo Video – Dave demonstrates one of the newest S-12 Symphony Harp Guitars and talks about its features.


What is a harp guitar? Dave defines and plays examples on the S-12 harp guitar.


Nylon Core Subs Vs. Steel Core Subs
Dave plays 2 of the S-12HG harp guitars, one with nylon core sub strings, the other with steel core to hear the tonal differences. You be the judge of which sound you prefer!


Black Walnut Vs. African Mahogany Back/Sides
Dave demos the S-12HG with black walnut vs. african mahogany back and sides:


Demo of the A-13 Arch Harp Guitar
Featuring a figured redwood top, walnut back and sides and sapele neck See the specs of the A-13 Arch Harp Guitar


Tonedevil Harp Guitars featured in the short documentary: "Harp Guitar Heroes":


Dave demos the new S-12 Harp Guitar with his piece: “Year of the Cicada”


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