Tonedevil nylon model harp guitars feature all nylon core strings setup with classical specs and are modelled after Hauser classical guitar designs.   Tuned F-G-A-B-C-D below the guitar neck the subs resonate beautifully and add depth to any classical guitar composition.  The super treble strings (models S-18NST, S-20NST) allow diads and triads in the higher octave, not possible on conventional guitars.

S-12N    $3200
6-String Classic Guitar
6 Subs

Super Treble Harp Guitars Tonedevil Harp Guitars Official Website image 11

S-18NST     $3500
6 Subs
6 Guitar
6 Super Trebles



S-20NST $4000
7 Subs
6 Guitar
7 Super Trebles