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Livin' and Lovin'   CD Album    $15.99

   Also available on digital download platforms


Anthony and David Powell were born in Rapid City South Dakota and Minot North Dakota (respectively) They began musical training early with classical piano, Trumpet, Guitar and Bass lessons, and duet singing. They've shared desires for performance, recording and producing and are best known as stringed instrument engineers and co-owners of their custom guitar company Tonedevil Harp Guitars. They have broken the mold in all the right ways with innovative designs, building traditional or extended range Guitars, Ukeleles and Mandolins.

Performing with their own creations these two top emerging artists across diverse genres have made their most ambitious album to date with "Tonedevil Bros. & The Fiddlers 3, Livin and Lovin" a 15-song collection that authenticates them as ensuing talent -performers who revere the history of the music that inspires them, while pushing its boundaries to a new audience through lively and memorable shows.

Reflecting the diverse musical influences of the brothers, Livin and Lovin serves up a variety of tastes with Bluegrass elements, folk, Blues, Country and Singer\Songwriter- as primarily an acoustic record.  The album follows a successful cinematic production endeavor for a movie soundtrack called "The Galena Treasure" viewable on Amazon, and an instrumental bluegrass album recorded for the wildly popular Silverwood Theme Park.      

"I've learned to just let music do its thing," shares Anthony. "So that's what we try to do as a duet- write good songs and pick and sing with soul."

Performing predominantly on the Extended range Harp Guitar David covers the rhythm with an infectious groove using a technique like that of Chet Attkins or Merle Travis, but with more bass. Having been received into the international Harp Guitar society, and performing regularly at their conventions, he brings a unique element to their specialty sound. Keeping with the tradition of Harp Guitar and Mandolin, which goes back to the early days of Gibson's Mandolin orchestras, their brotherly harmonies and musical sensibilities astonish and impress wherever they go.

    Natives of the beautiful rocky mountain town of Sandpoint Idaho, the brothers have lived in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Seattle while building a repertoire of inspiration from Grunge and Classic Rock to American Primitive Guitar and Celtic music. They were compared to Simon and Garfunkel during a radio interview on The Guitar Hour: KPBS Spokane Wa. by the late Leon Atkinson (who has a distinctive voice cameo in the song "16 Tons"). He also said their singing has distinct familial qualities, as in the song "Run away with you" or "Energy Channel" a brilliant and mesmerizing song dedicated to the genius of Nicoli Tesla. There seems to be something on this album for everyone from the roots music lover to the indie band fan or even a love song to adore.  

The brothers grew up playing Bluegrass, Celtic, Blues, Rock, Swing, Country, Folk and New Age Fingerstyle Guitar and have always had a special knack for an interactive live performance. They have recorded and performed with a multitude of renown and award-winning musicians from the inland northwest and around the world, They have toured China from Bejing to Shanghai, and everyone can agree that history is filled with siblings whose musicianship can only be attributed to a lifetime of jamming and performing together, listening and responding to one another's subtle sonic nuances.


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