HM-12 Harp Mandolin




 The harp mandolin appeared in the early 1900’s though not many have been found today.   This modern replica exploits the sympathetic vibrations gained with the 4 additional harp strings to give the mandolin sound a built in echo chamber reverb effect.   The harp strings can of course be plucked along with the mandolin extending the range of the instrument.  Tuned diatonically starting below the G of the mandolin they are F – E – D – C .
Top:  Sitka Spruce
Back/Sides:  Black Walnut
Neck:  African Mahogany
Fingerboard:  Ebony
Head Veneers:  Ebony
Pickguard:  Ebony
Bridges:  Ebony
Inlay:  Mother of Pearl


Custom Inlays

HM-12 Harp Mandolin

HM-12 Custom Harp Mandolin


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HM-14 Harp Mandolin

HM-14 Custom Harp Mandolin