Tonedevil Harp Guitar Strings and Tuning Information

Please visit our store page to purchase sets of harp guitar sub strings for Tonedevil instruments.  We have both steel string and nylon core string sets available.

*DISCLAIMER* Changing the gauges of your strings may void the warranty and cause damage to your instrument.  Please refer to the string gauge calculator below if you want a different tuning for your harp guitar sub strings.  Separate sets are needed for use with the Stephen Bennet/Andy Mckee re-entrant tuning as also explained below.


Diatonic Tuning

The models S-12, S-18, S-18ST, S-12N and S-18NST harp guitars are factory strung for descending diatonic tuning.  That is from lowest to highest:  F-G-A-B-C-D.  Variations can be made from this tuning by sharping or flatting some of harp strings to change their tuning to the desired key you play in.  The following are other recommended tuning variations that may be used with the same harp string gauges:

Key of C Major:

Key of D Major:

Key of E Modal, A Major

Bennet/McKee Re-entrant Tuning

Stephen Bennett developed a tuning for his harp strings that starts the first one (7th) at a G2, then the next (8th) at D2 and descends diatonically down from there to G1, so G2,D2,C2,B1,A1,G1.  Re-entrant strings are those which are positioned lower than the one above it but are a higher note, in this case the 7th string G2 is higher than the 6th on the guitar, E2 making it a re-entrant string. Andy McKee and a few other notable players use this tuning as well but it needs lighter string gauges because it is tuned so much higher.

Bennett/McKee Tuning Steel String Gauges:

.064 .060 .054 .052 .050 .036

Custom Harp String Tunings