Tonedevil Artists

We are happy to have such talented artists using our instruments throughout the world:

Instrumental guitarist Ewan Dobson originally from Toronto, Ontario currently resides in New Brunswick is shown here playing his Tonedevil Classical Guitar. Having started his career by winning the 2009 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition where the prize was to record an album with Candyrat Records. He has since released a total of 14 albums. One of the highlights of his path was being a featured guest on two of Marty Friedman’s (ex-megadeth) solo records. The video that put him in the youtube limelight was “Time 2” released through Candyrat records, amassing over 29 million hits to date. The styles he has represented are video game inspired finger style guitar, acoustic metal, and renditions of Niccolo Paganini on steel string guitar. 
Dobson has toured Europe, Canada, USA and China multiple times. These days he resides next to the woods creating classical duets and writing new acoustic metal repertoire as well as feeding a variety of wild birds by hand.

Jamie Dupuis, Ontario, Canada:   

“…  I am really enjoying the Harp Guitar, you did such an amazing job , the tone is spot on! I honestly love it!”

Jamie recently won 2nd place in the Six String Theory Guitar Competition after graduating from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, Ca.  Recently his viral facebook video of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” on his Tonedevil S-12 was viewed over 60 MILLION times, being the first person to have that many views on a harp guitar video.

DavidCemin-with harp guitar

David Cemin, San Jose, Ca. – First day with new harp guitar

Dr. Peter Stephenson with his Deluxe inlay figured Redwood harp guitar

So here is my take on the Tonedevil S-19ST harp guitar so far. It meets or exceeds my expectations, even after watching Dave play it on the demo and my “out of the box” impressions when I unpacked it. I expected to have to make some serious alterations in the mechanics of playing since it is a far different beast physically than any other of my guitars, and, indeed I did and that will be an ongoing process. However, it was nowhere near as difficult as I expected.

The way the action is set gives me a solid touchstone on the guitar so that leaves the harp and the super trebles to deal with. The spacing and physical layout is surprisingly comfortable even for a player such as I with – for a musician – relatively small hands. I am experimenting with tunings on the harp and trebles and have settled for now on E-D on the harp (7-string) and F-D on the trebles. I sharp the F on the trebles when playing in D. One observation for newbies such as I: musically, this is more piano than guitar, especially with the super trebles. If you think in terms of how you might play a song on a piano that will start you off well. All-in-all, a fantastic instrument! Thanks to the “Tonedevil Brothers” for a job very well done.

Tupelo Kenyon and his S-12 harp guitar

“What I love about my new Tonedevil S-12 Harp Guitar:
1. The tone is excellent – crisp treble and full, solid bass – great tonal balance.
2. The Englemann spruce and African mahogany are beautiful tone woods. (For the eyes AND the ears!)
3. The walnut binding, rosewood fretboard and bridge, and bone nut and saddle are top quality touches.
4. The craftsmanship shows a dedication to quality and excellence. (Impressive fit and finish!)
5. The pickup system sounds great, just as it is.
7. The tuners have a great feel of precision for easy accuracy.
8. The gig bag is well-made and provides just enough protection without being too cumbersome.
9. The guitar is not bulky and heavy – it feels light and tight, like a quality sports car.
Well done Dave and Anthony! I appreciate your attention to detail and commitment to quality.”
Tupelo has since passed but his memory and music lives on. Rest in peace Tupe !
Leon Atkinson with Classical Harp Guitar

Leon Atkinson, classical harp guitaristStudied classical guitar with: Albert Valdes Blain, New York and Andres Segovia, SpainPerformances with: Bud Powell, Mary Lou Williams, and Ron Carter

Classical Performances: Carnegie Hall 1973 New York, Debut Town Hall 1974 New York

Teaching History:  Head of Jersey State College Guitar Department, Manhattan School of Music (Extension Division), Whitworth College, Spokane Washington, Spokane Falls Community College, North Idaho College, and Gonzaga University

Spanish Guitar & Ukulele Virtuoso
Composer: Neo-flamenco, Classical, Brazilian
Beginning with his first concert in Rome in 1979, Seattle-based, award winning, Segovia-trained guitar artist/composer Andre Feriante has performed for over three decades in Europe, S. America and throughout the U.S., bringing his sensual, contemporary blend of classical, flamenco and Brazilian styles to people from all walks of life.In recent years’ performances, and with his latest albums ‘Beatles Masquerade’ and ‘Novella, Ukulele Mosaique’, Feriante has garnered rave reviews for applying his innovative approach and guitar mastery to rare instruments such as custom ukuleles and the nylon stringed banjo. Feriante’s concerts promise inspiring musical journies with original music, classical and jazz standards, vocals in Italian, and poetry over guitar.
OnDarrius Spanglere of our newest clients is Darrius Spangler from Carterville, Illinois.  I can’t wait to see what he does with the harp guitar.  He is a serious guitar player and I see him accomplishing great things in his musical future!

“…I’m very pleased with the way it sounds plugged in, and it plays great. Keep up the fret work, guys and thanks again for a fantastic instrument!”

David PowellDavid Powell, Sandpoint, ID  – The Tonedevil Brothers

As one of the founders of Tonedevil Guitars, Dave has taken the harp guitar to new heights and brought his expertise in not only the finger-style acoustic movement, but also in his technical skill designing instruments for play-ability and sound.With over 10 years experience playing and composing for harp guitar Dave continues to provide advice to new and upcoming players.