The harp guitar has seen an upsurge in new players and continues to saturate the digital video networks around the world.  This means that more people have now had the opportunity to hear and see it played than ever before because of the digital viral exchanges across the multiple social platforms.

The Tonedevil passive contact pickup system  is installed in every instrument to allow for easy plug-and-play amplification.   Don’t hesitate to call or email us with questions about guitars, harp ukuleles, harp mandolins, or harp guitars for sale:

Tonedevil S-12

Available at Guitar Center online
Tonedevil Model D

$1695.00 Model D Symphony Harp Guitar W/ Gig bag and Pickup

The Freedom HarpThe Freedom Harp Tonedevil Harp Guitars Official Website image 2

Model S-12
“Freedom Harp”
Proceeds of this sale will benefit a veteran charity of your choice.

Harp Mandolin
Harp Mandolins Tonedevil Harp Guitars Official Website image 10