The A-13 Arch Harp Guitar was a custom build for a client who wanted the additional harp strings but without the hollow harp arm.  This proved to be a tricky build, mostly in the design phase, as we had to come up with a headstock that could house the tuners properly and a neck that could hold the tension of the additional strings. Not only is there the additional harp strings, but the guitar neck of this instrument has an additional two strings, 8 altogether.

The tuning is, for the most part, open C on the guitar neck, with an additional high g on the first string, and an F on the 8th strings that is higher than the 7th string, which took some getting used to for me to come up with something to play.

What you hear in this video is the pickup system input is on the left speaker, and the mic input is on the right speaker, so if you’d like to hear what the instrument sounds like while its being played with either of the two signals separately, you can pan your speakers to the left channel or right.  I am very impressed with how it sounds blending the two channels together.