Custom Harp Guitar Inlays

Tonedevil instruments can have about any inlay done to the fretboard and peg heads. You can browse pre-cut shell designs are available from our inlay supplier, Depaule Supply. For more unique custom designs we laser cut and inlay laminated shell. Below are some of our favorites and players choice inlays:

Fret Board Inlays

Fret board inlays are hand cut pearl or abalone shell. We can inlay pre-cut designs or work with custom drawings that can be sized correctly for the scale length.

Morning Glory Vine Fretboard Inlay Vine of Life, Abalone Pearl Dot Inlay Morning Glory Vine Mandolin Fret Board Dyer Tree of Life


Peg Head Inlays

The flat surface of the tuner peg heads can have inlayed laser cut or hand cut shell. Laser cutting and engraving is a fast and effective way to do beautiful inlays and allows for more complex designs to be cut. The laminated sheets are shell material that have nearly the same three dimensional look as hand cut thick pearl.

Harp Head Wing Inlay, MOP Hand cut
Hummingbird Peg head Inlay, MOP hand cut
Morning Glory Laser cut inlay
Morning Glory Laser Cut Inlay
DSO Initials, laser cut
Laser cut signature inlay
Tree of Life, MOP hand cut
KF laser cut initials
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