Some of our favorite custom instruments:


15 string harp mandolin with Dragonwhisper sharping levers, gold tuners, pinless tailpiece and Bolivian rosewood (Morado) body.


Custom 4-string electric bass with EMG PJ bass pickups, figured maple top and neck, and Poplar body.  Also features 4 Hipshot Bass Xtender tuners.


Electric “Super Lute”, Harp Baroque Lute


OMS-12 Matt Thomas, Parlor harp guitar

S-19ST Redwood

S-19ST Deluxe, Wings Inlay

S-18 Deluxe, Robert Johnson, abalone purfling/rosettes

Gypsy Jazz Guitar

OOO-Cowboy Guitar


Double-Neck Mandolin Guitar

S-23NST Microtonal


S-12, 100th build, hummingbird inlay

S-19 Deluxe, blue tinted top, tree of life inlay

S-18 Deluxe, figured redwood, morning glory peg head inlay

S-18, Custom initials inlay

HM-14 Harp Mandolin, Deluxe

HM-12 Harp Mandolin, Deluxe

Gypsy Mandolin

‘Freedom Harp’

S-12 Deluxe, figured redwood top, morning glory inlay

A-13 Arch Guitar