S-12HG Black Walnut
Black walnut is one of our favorite tone woods for back and sides of guitars and harp guitars.  It is a lot like rosewood, and we like to think of it as inland NW rosewood since it is a nut producing tree liking to Bolivian rosewood (aka. Morado, aka. Pao Ferro) which is the Brazil nut tree. While its not as hard as Indian or Brazilian rosewood its hardness on the Janka scale is similar to maple.  Tonally it is very fundamental with clarity and crispness that compliments well with the darker sounding Sitka spruce top.

Serial Number:  001020
Model:  S-12HG
AAA Sitka Spruce Top
Black Walnut Back and Sides
African Mahogany Neck
Indian Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge
Lacewood Headstock Veneer