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Jamie Dupuis' S-12 harp guitarCanadian finger style guitarist, Jamie Dupuis, has had great success creating his online Youtube influence using both his Tonedevil S-18NST nylon string and S-12 symphony steel string harp guitars.

“I’m thankful for you guys having been dedicated to building harp guitars. Back in 2012 I knew I had to get one, you guys made it possible!”   – Jamie Dupuis

Popular Models

S-12 Symphony Steel String Harp Guitar 

$2695.00 USD

The Tonedevil model S-12 is still the best sounding industry standard, USA made, symphony range harp guitar now played by finger style artists around the world.  All solid wood construction using inland northwest harvested tone woods makes this instrument the preferred choice for professional finger style artists and those dabbling with extended range guitars. 

S-18NST Nylon String Harp Guitar

$3600.00 USD

The Tonedevil 18 string harp guitar features all nylon strings, including 6 super trebles tuned EFGABC and 6 sub basses tuned FGABCD.  The model was refined using Hauser copy classical guitar specs and adapted to our symphony harp guitar body to create a great sounding classical harp guitar.