The S-18 and S-19 model harp guitars have a 12-string guitar neck with 6 sub bass strings (7 subs on the S-19 model).  Designed for the robust and rich tone of a 12-string guitar, the subs add a new dimension to the paired strings on the guitar neck.  Tuning down by 1/2 step is recommended when using standard tuning.

Pricing starts at $3200.00 which includes AAAA grade Sitka spruce top and African mahogany back and sides. Different tone woods are an option depending upon availability.



12-string harp guitar, 12x6

S-18 with Figured redwood top and black walnut back/sides, 12 string neck + 6 subs


S-18 Redwood/Walnut

Top: Redwood (Sikta spruce currently available)
Back: Black walnut
Sides: Black walnut
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood