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Tonedevil S-12 Deluxe Harp GuitarsCustom Options Include:


Ask us about our new deluxe options for your harp guitar.  Using our existing S-12 body style, you can choose custom figured woods for the tops, backs, sides, fingerboards, and head veneers, add a top sheet purfling border, install the new triple pickup system, add additional harp strings, upgrade to a high gloss hand polished polyurethane finish, or get a sunburst stain to the top.

S-12 Deluxe Sunburst Harp Guitar


S-12 Deluxe Sunburst

The sunburst stain can be applied to any of our models with the Satin lacquer finish.  After the sealer coat is applied, the stain is applied evenly to the back, sides and neck, and then “burst” onto the top leaving a yellow brown radial gradient pattern.


Shown here is also the Triple Pickup System for harp guitar, which includes a soundhole mounted humbucker (L.R. Baggs M1 shown) paired with the original “Flat-Pup” humbucker under the harp strings.  Wired to a stereo jack the pickups can be controlled separately with a stereo-y cable, or summed to mono and blended with the on-board volume of the M1.  It gets even better when the 2nd jack is installed wired with the stock 3-Contact Passive Piezo pickup glued strategically onto the bridge plate.  Blending this with the magnetic signal gets you the best sound with the most versatility for live performing applications.

S-12 Deluxe Western Redcedar

S-12 Deluxe Harp Guitar – Western Redcedar top, figured mahogany back and sides



S-12 Deluxe Redcedar + Figured Mahogany


Western Redcedar is actually not a cedar at all but of the “Cypress” family.  This wood is harvested locally from the inland Northwest and gives the richest, most balanced tone for the harp guitar.


Also featured in this instrument is a top sheet purfling, and figured mahogany back and sides.


S-12 Deluxe Figured Redwood  Harp Guitar

S-12 Deluxe Harp Guitar – Figured Redwood top and Black Walnut back and sides

S-12 Deluxe Figured Redwood

There are not many of these figured redwood tops left in stock.  As a close cousin to the Cedar family, Redwood offers similar tonal characteristics.  It has the same tonal balance and color, and paired with black walnut back and sides, this harp guitar has monster sustain and clarity.


Featured on this instrument also is custom inlay done by the late “Liz Sedler” of Sandpoint Idaho, who passed this last February, 2014.  This is the last inlay job she worked on.

S-13 Deluxe Harp Guitar Perspectives

S-13 Deluxe Harp Guitar

S-13 Deluxe Harp Guitar – 7th harp string


There were requests for having an additional harp string installed which we were able to accommodate with the S-13 model.  Many players desire to have all the notes of the relative scale available in the sub harp register, which makes perfect sense from a composer’s perspective.  This deluxe model also features the following:


  • AAAA Aged Sitka spruce top
  • Black Walnut back, sides and head veneer
  • Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
  • Top Sheet Purfling line
  • 3-Contact Passive Piezo Pickup
  • 7th harp string